About Us

In order to "make the world a festival," Ideally, Ideally, they themselves "festivalize" themselves, and they are working on their daily basis.
I would like to create a group that is free as an organization but disciplined, enjoying life and being absorbed.
To that end, we have six values ​​in Mazrica.


Pursue user's happiness

Let's always imagine what happiness is, what you need to achieve happiness.
Then, design your own behavior and pursue the happiness of users beyond satisfaction. In case

Do free things right

Let's fulfill a strong responsibility behind freedom, act freely, in a free environment, in a free way, to tell the truth to say who is right.

Act oneself and make it realized by everyone

Rather than waiting for someone, if you do it, give a voice and involve everyone. And we will be the people who will support the parties' courage with full power.

Work to play

Find work and enjoy it. Satisfaction of mind and high-quality learning are brought about by play. In case

Ask creativity

Work is the provision of certain value now and the creation of new value. Always ask if your work has creativity.
Let's maximize our creativity. In case

Do it at the festival speed instead of the fastest

Just not only fast, if you decide to do, let 's get through enthusiastically without hesitation.


company name mazrica, Inc.
location 9F, Gotandadai3hanatani Bld., 5-28-9, Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0022, Japan
Representative’s name
  • Co-CEO Eiji Kurosa
  • Co-CEO Tomofumi Iisaku
Date of establishment 30 April 2015
Capital ¥ 204,000,000(Including capital reserve)
Business contents
  • Development and operation of sales support platform Senses
  • Consulting business in sales activities
  • Development and operation of other Internet infrastructure business
  • Management team
  • Draper Nexus Venture Partners
  • Archetype Ventures Co., Ltd.