Creating an environment where people can work with high creativity and have fun Creating an environment where people can work with high creativity and have fun

We use the power of technology to support every aspect of work and life, improving people's productivity and unleashing their creativity.


  • Creativity

    Let's think through without giving up on our ideals

  • Open

    Don't give up on communication

  • Liberty

    Don't get caught up in the box

  • Challenge

    Let's take on the challenge with passion

  • Diversity

    difference is value

  • Creativity

    don't forget to have fun

  • Initiative

    The work you are forced to do is boring



Supporting the creation of an environment where people can work while having fun

The only thing we decided on before we decided to establish the company was our mission: ``Turn the world into a festival.'' And that mission is the only thing that will remain the same at this company.

I grew up with a strong interest in new things and technology since childhood, and at the same time, I have always been drawn to the strong, ancient human energy that is brought about when people interact with each other.

In order to make this world more and more filled with human energy, we believe that it is important to make work life, where we spend most of our time, shine, and we are working hard to create an environment where people can work while having fun. I hope I can help.

We continue to focus on individuals, even in corporate organizations, and provide applications that individuals, not corporations, really want to use. To achieve this, we promise to make full use of all technologies and make no compromises.

Eiji Kurosa

Creating a world where people can enjoy rich and happy lives

I didn't know how to ride a train until I entered high school. It was a time when you couldn't learn something unless you were there.

Then, as Japan's economy continued to grow at a moderate pace, then repeatedly leveled off and then went downhill, dial-up was replaced by ADSL connections, the Internet rapidly spread, and the iPhone arrived in Japan. Technology has become so ubiquitous that you no longer need to be there to learn something.

I believe that people can benefit from technology if they use it correctly. Its blessings make the previously impossible possible and give us hope.

I want to create a world where people can enjoy rich and happy lives. This idea has remained unchanged since our founding.

We will create an environment where you can work while being highly creative and having fun with your colleagues at Mazrika.
We are waiting for friends who will pave the way together.

Tomofumi Iisaku


Company Name
株式会社マツリカ / Mazrica Inc.
2-2-1 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054 KANDA SQUARE 11F WeWork
Representative's name
Representative Director and CEO Eiji Kurosa
Date of establishment
April 30, 2015
1,405,626,010 yen (including capital reserves, etc.)
Business content
Development and provision of cloud applications
Consulting work in sales activities
Development and operation of other internet infrastructure businesses
management team
DNX Ventures
株式会社tb innovations
Sony Innovation Fund


黒佐 英司
Representative Director and CEO
黒佐 英司

After graduating from the State University of New York at Buffalo, he worked at Sekisui House Co., Ltd., where he worked as a planning salesperson and manager in planning proposals for individuals, asset utilization proposals for corporations and wealthy individuals, and overseas business development.
Joined Uzabase Co., Ltd. in 2011 and was in charge of launching the sales development team. Since then, he has served as general manager of the sales department, marketing department, and customer support department, and was responsible for SPEEDA sales promotion and maintenance, as well as the planning and execution of sales and marketing strategies.In 2015, he established Mazrica Inc. Co-founded.

飯作 供史
飯作 供史

After graduating from Tokyo University of Science, he worked at ABeam Consulting Co., Ltd., where he worked on company-wide BPR such as corporate IT strategy, system introduction, system integration, and IT operation.
After launching a new business with the aim of expanding sales channels, he joined Uzabase Co., Ltd. as a technical executive officer. After engaging in product management and product development, he joined Mazrica Inc. in 2015. Co-founded.

倉林 陽
DNX Ventures Managing Director
倉林 陽

After being in charge of venture capital operations in Japan and the United States at Fujitsu Limited and Mitsui & Co., Ltd., he served as head of Japan investment at Globespan Capital Partners and Salesforce.com.
Joined Draper Nexus Ventures in March 2015 and became Managing Director.
Ph.D. (academic) from Doshisha University and completed the Wharton School of Business Administration at the University of Pennsylvania.
Appointed as outside director of Mazrika in 2017.
Book “Corporate Venture Capital Practice” (Chuokeizaisha)

伊藤 雅浩
City Lights Law Office Partner Attorney
伊藤 雅浩

Graduate School of Information Engineering, Nagoya University. After joining Andersen Consulting (currently Accenture) in 1996, he engaged in the design and development of core information systems, project management, etc.
Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Law School in 2007. Registered as a lawyer in 2008. Since then, he has been handling contracts, disputes, and intellectual property practices for IT-related services.
Appointed Matsurika Auditor in 2017.