we are looking for talented people who will make the world festival together.

Mazrica, Inc. is currently recruiting new members for all occupations. It is a company which was just established in April 2015 and has few members, yet has a wealth of start-ups, major consulting farms, etc. and a founding member with extensive experience of doing business start-ups, operations and project leadership , An engineer with high technical strength is the core member.
As the first 20 people, Join Matsurika and make a strong organization that can carry out missions together.

The point of most importance is empathy for the mission

We have a magnificent and unique mission, but we place great importance on whether we can sympathize with this.
We are waiting for people who feel a sense of excitement in the future that people around the world will make festivals, creating extraordinary for everyday people around the world, creating a lot of enthusiasm and fulfillment.
Or, if you have experiences of becoming a festival themselves before the school days, etc, and I'm waiting for those who want to experience the excitement at that time again and again.

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